by Klara

Dolors Planiol is an artist working with text and photography. In 2006, after graduating with a BA in English Language, she moved abroad where she started her career as a translator for different international organizations. Since then she has lived and worked in different countries and, most of all, she has discovered her fascination for the people that she has met during these years. It is in this context where she decided to start telling those stories that we encounter on a daily basis. 

Her works are research based and use both photography and writing.The combination of these have allowed her to focus on addressing issues related to human relations, individual memories and daily moments that we all experience at some point in our lives. She is always looking for the extraordinary in the ordinary, while trying to find a way to engage people and start new conversations. For that she benefits from her previous experience, as well as her storytelling skills acquired while studying different writing and photography programs.

Her work is mainly focused on portrait and documentary photography and is based in different media, such as writing, installations and books.


2021: Virtual Exhibition at Pati Llimona, Barcelona, Spain, Bellesa

2022: The Imagination Project, Düsseldorf, Germany


2023 On Motherhood, Solo Exhibition at Grieger International Fine Art, Düsseldorf

2022 Virtual Exhibition, Bellesa


Resignifiquem ‘(v)(b)ellesa’ , Connecticat

Ausstellung über Stolz und Scham von Müttern, Tino Hermanns, Rheinische post 


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