Bellesa is an attempt to approach a time of life that is as desired as it is feared. We all want to get old, but we are afraid of aging. Sickness, physical changes, loss or vulnerability are some of the aspects of old age that are most often highlighted. But is that all there is to later life? It’s not what I’ve seen at home, it’s not how my parents live it.

For them, becoming old is also a period full of peace and tranquillity. Small action, ordinary things, moments of everyday life that show us that the old age is also full of beauty.

Hence the title chosen for this work, Bellesa. This word in Catalan means «beauty» and if we change only one letter, it translates as «velleza» (old age). By only changing a letter we change our perspective. Aging is also surrounded by hope and beauty. My parents are an example of this.


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